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Why reinvent the wheel, Biloxi?

Biloxi is looking for a place to put a so-called "red light district," where adult bookstores and such would be allowed to operate.

Gulfport recently adopted a comprehensive ordinance to regulate adult businesses of this nature. The city's Legal Department, particularly attorney Margaret Murdock, completed extensive research to draft the ordinance. One finding: restricting businesses to some sort of "adult ghetto," so to speak, would be detrimental to the chosen area. 

Gulfport instead decided to restrict adult businesses from operating near schools, churches. parks, liquor stores and other areas where they might be more visible to young people or create other problems.

Biloxi has, or did have, a similar law on the books, but Gulfport's law is much more detailed. Because the cities share boundaries, wouldn't it be nice if, just every now and then, they could borrow and adopt one another's ordinances. It sure would cut down on the time city attorneys spend researching these things.

We have so many jurisdictions in the three Coast counties. Uniform laws would make life a little easier for residents, business owners and all those attorneys working long hours to draft these ordinances.

Murdock did a masterful job with the adult ordinance in Gulfport. Hopefully, Biloxi will take a look, if it hasn't already.