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Unified Command nixes Gulfport plan`

The Unified Command has said no to Gulfport  and Harrison County plans to protect sensitive areas from oil with absorbent fencing, CAO Jack Kelly said this afternoon.

Instead, he said, BP subcontractor U.S. Environmental Services will install 12 miles of absorbent fencing countywide. If it works, he said, they'll up that to 30 miles.

"We don't think it's enough," Kelly said. "It does not protect our piers; it does not protect our jetties. It does not protect Back Bay."

Biloxi's Back Bay is the gateway to sensitive marshes and rivers. Kelly said Harrison County and the cities are pitching another plan to the Department of Marine Resources and incident command in Mississippi for protecting jetties and rocks.

Oil rolled in Thursday and soaked the Ken Combs Pier jetty at Courthouse Road.