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Gulport waits for action on fencing request

Gulfport has bought a rescue boat, a vacuum truck to clean oil from storm drains and a grader to use on the beach with a portion of the $2 million in BP funds the city has received.

Gulfport's response plan designates city department heads, and police, fire and public works employees to assist with BP's response.

The city will spend about a quarter of its funds on personnel, a quarter on supplies and half on equipment.

The city also has an application pending with Unified Command for absorbent fencing. It's the same fencing Mayor Connie Moran got for Ocean Springs from Pat Fore and former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr. Don't know how or when they got into the absorbent fencing business, but they sure got their ideas through to elected officials where others have been able to do so.

City spokesman Ryan LaFontaine noted the fencing request was dated June 8. He is wondering why approval has been so slow. Oil has been washing ashore here in large quantities since Sunday. This is just one more among many examples of what appears to be a total lack of any sense of urgency on the part of Unified Command.