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They're on a roll at slabbed

Maybe you discovered after Katrina, when blogger Sop, who was slabbed himself, began writing about the insurance industry's Katrina claims handling practices.

The CPA, who specializes in construction accounting, was joined by blogger Nowducit, or Nowdy for short. They have developed quite a following over at slabbed by specializing in insurance, finance and corruption of all sorts.

Nowdy specializes in dissecting insurance litigation.

SOP has branched off into South Louisiana politics, where he's found lots of fodder to connect the corruption dots.

Anderson Cooper would be well-served to check out Sop's posts on Cooper's buddy Billy Nungesser, the Plaquemines Parish board president who is now a regular on AC 360.

Meanwhile, Nowdy gave readers the initial scoop on U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman's links to the oil industry, posting his financial disclosure report on slabbed June 22. His ties are now common knowledge. Nowdy had been following Feldman's influence over Katrina litigation before he jumped into the oil catastrophe, blocking the administration's moratorium on deep-water drilling.

Today, SOP ties together Feldman's handling of big oil and insurance cases. Check it out.

I often wonder how they find time for day jobs because of their extensively researched posts. They're big on securing and posting documents.

Maybe both of them will get some rest this weekend, but I kinda sorta doubt it!