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Pascagoula police reports

                                                Thursday 06-17-10


2712 Martin St:  On 06-19-10 Norma Farmer Reported Vandalism To Two Mailboxes.


1502 Convent Ave:  On 06-16-10 Gene Clardy Reported A Burglary.   Tools Were Taken.


5656 Telephone Rd, Freds:  On 06-16-10 Cindy Bates Reported A Shoplifting.   A Juvenile Was Arrested.


2903 Alpine St:  On 06-16-10 William Woodson Reported Vandalism To A Vehicle.


Fernwood St/Convent Ave:  On 06-16-10 Derick Kirkland, B/M, 46, 2720 Ladnier, Gautier Was Arrested For Dui 1st Offense.


2809 Denny Ave, Singing River Hospital Parking Lot:  On 06-17-10 Fredrick Blunt, B/M, 42, 1865 Hayes, Chunchunchula, Al Was Arrested For Possession Of A Stolen Vehicle. And On Warrants Through Mobile Sheriff’s Dept, And Prichard Police Dept.


Market St/Pascagoula St:  On 06-17-10 Louis Davis, W/M, 23, 2416 Wilson, Pascagoula, Was Arrested For Dui 2nd Offense.


3219 14th St:  On 06-1710 Allen Nguyen Reported Vandalism.   Front Window Broken.



                                                   Friday 06-18-10


3818 Alandale St:  On 06-17-10 Lennox Valley Reported A Burglary.  Jewelry Was Taken.


2011 Woodmont St:  On 06-17-10 Michael Clark, W/M, 42, 2011 Woodmont, Pascagoula Was Arrested For Domestic Violence.


4253 Denny Ave, Walmart:  On 06-17-10 Joshua Crawford Reported A Simple Assault.


1804 Ingalls Ave, Jerry Lee’s:  On 06-17-10 Tempy Poole Reported A Petit Larceny.  A Keesler Credit Union Credit/Debit Card Was Taken.


2313 Old Mobile Hwy, Taylor Heights Apts:  On 06-18-10 Lucious Bolton B/M, 21, 7101 Dye, Moss Point Was Arrested For Domestic Violence.


                                                   Monday 06-21-10



4310 Orchard Rd:  On 06-18-10 Jennifer Fowler Reported A Purse Snatching.


905 Swordfish St:  On 06-18-10 Valerie Turgeau Reported Credit/Debit Card Fraud.


4253 Denny Ave, Walmart:  On 06-15-10 Dallas Erwin, W/M, 43, 1809 Acacia, Pascagoula Was Arrested For Shoplifting 1st Offense.


4302 Chicot Rd, Nutritional Rejuvenation:   On 06-18-10 Toby Martin Reported A Burglary.


1340 Market St, Thunders Tavern:  On 06-19-10 Brittany Waltman Reported A Petit Larceny.   A Purse And Contents Was Taken.


Jerry St Pe’ Hwy:  On 06-19-10 Luis Vazquez, W/M, 28, 3605 Gautier-Vancleave Rd, Gautier Was Arrested For Dui 1st Offense, And Other Traffic Violations.


Chicot Rd/Old Mobile Hwy:  On 06-19-10 Iseral Sanchez, W/M, 29, Pascagoula Was Arrested For Dui 1st Offense.


2917 Eden St:  On 06-19-10 Ray Daniel Reported An Auto Burglary.   A Pioneer Radio Was Taken.


1007 Country Club St:  On 06-19-10 Wendell Smith Reported A Burglary.  Jewelry, Dvd Player, Digital Camera, And An Ipod Docking Station Were Taken.


3689 14th St, Estabrook Ford:  On 06-19-10 Phillip Everett Reported Vandalism To A Vehicle.   Window Shattered.


1509 Telephone Rd:  On 06-19-10 Idee Brackeen Reported Uttering Forgery.


4253 Denny Ave, Walmart:  On 06-19-10 Melissa Hales, W/F, 46, 2210 Convent, Pascagoula Was Arrested For Shoplifting 1st Offense.


2112 Eden St:  On 06-19-10 Kevin Green Reported A Grand Larceny.


2011 Buena Vista St:  On 06-19-10 Rosalyn Bridges Reported Simple Assault By Menace To Create Fear.


804 Lafayette Ave:  On 06-19-10 William Douglas, W/M, 24, 3507 Baltimore, Pascagoula Was Arrested For Domestic Violence.


Martin St:  On 06-20-10 Labarrion Mccovery, B/M, 33, 2609 Martin, Pascagoula Was Arrested For Simple Possession Of Marijuana.


Bayou Cassotte Pkwy/Orchard Rd:  On 06-20-10 Eric Demouey, W/M, 22, 9111 Clubhouse Rd, Moss Point Was Arrested On Warrants Through The Pascagoula Police Dept.


3311 Chicago Ave:  On 06-21-10 Paul Martin Reported A Burglary, And Vandalism.  Two Juveniles Were Arrested.