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Pascagoula police report for April 26

Pascagoula Police Dept Media Release For Tuesday 04-27-10


4920 Cross St, Dollar General:    On 04-23-10 Deborah Hye, B/F, 51, 6534 Jasmine, Moss Point Was Arrested For Felony Shoplifting.


2403 Eden St:  On 04-23-10 Xiomara Morales-Torres Reported The Theft Of A Purse And Contents.


4610 Saratoga St:  On 04-23-10 Mary Middleton Reported Vandalism To A Vehicle.


2101 Eden St:  On 04-23-10 Anthony Borrero Reported Identity Theft.


4253 Denny Ave, Walmart:  On 04-23-10 Jennifer Dubose, B/F, 20, 1713 River Side, Gautier Was Arrested For Shoplifting 2nd Offense, Simple Assault, And False Id Information.


Ingalls Ave:  On 04-23-10 Artie Stewart Reported The Theft Of A Vehicle License Tag.


4315 Orchard Rd:  On 04-23-10 Delia Biggs Reported The Theft Of An Xbox Video Game And A Dell Laptop Computer.


3718 Old Mobile Hwy:  On 04-23-10 Eric Thompson Reported An Auto Burglary.  A Dell Laptop Computer Was Taken.


Denny Ave:  On 04-23-10 Charles Oliver, W/M, 53, 2211 Magnolia, Alexandria, La, Was Arrested For Dui 1st Offense, Suspended Driver’s License, Leaving The Scene Of An Accident, And Other Traffic Violations.


3521 Burroughs Ave:  On 04-24-10 Paul Sullivan Reported Vandalism To Three Vehicles.


Nathan Hale Ave/Long Ave:  On 04-24-10 Dana Bryan Reported A Petit Larceny.   A Schwinn  Beach Cruiser Bicycle Was Taken.


4253 Denny Ave, Walmart:  On 04-24-10 Jennifer Waltman, W/F, 30, 7934 Hwy 45, Eight Mile, Al, Was Arrested For Felony Shoplifting.


2000 Jerry St Pe’ Hwy:  On 04-24-10 Dejarise King Reported Damage To A Vehicle.


2712 Bartlett Ave:  On 04-24-10 Pebbie Stewart Reported Domestic Violence.


4112 Chicot Rd:  On 04-24-10 Connie Stevens Reported Damage To A Wall From A Door Knob.


2313 Old Mobile Hwy, Taylor Heights:  On 04-24-10 Donna Fielder Reported A Burglary.   Food Taken.


3303 Ingalls Ave:  On 04-25-10 Witney Drummond Reported The Theft Of A Wallet And Contents.


2204 Cleveland Ave:  On 04-25-10 Jayme Careno, W/M, 31, 1903 Forest, Pascagoula Was Arrested For Domestic Violence.


907 Lafayette Ave:  On 04-25-10 Matthew Long, W/M, 32, 907 Lafayette, Pascagoula Was Arrested For Petit Larceny.


2004 23rd St:  On 04-25-10 Estelia Scott Reported A Grand Larceny.  A Blackberry Cell Phone Was Taken.


3714 Corinth St:  On 04-25-10 Michael Neal Reported A Burglary.  Tv’s, Dvd Player, Tools, Window A/C Unit And Cash Were Taken.


3603 Market St:  On 04-25-10 Monica Zimmerman, B/F, 18,  1315 Live Oak, Pascagoula Was Arrested For Child Neglect.


4253 Denny Ave, Walmart:  On 04-25-10 Sarah Williams, B/F, 22, 16024 Mcgreggor Rd, Moss Point Was Arrested For Shoplifting 1st Offense.


1503 Denny Ave, Arby’s:  On 04-25-10 Taylor Smith Reported The Theft Of A Cell Phone.


2003 Edgewood Ave:  On 04-25-10 Darlene Broussard Reported The Theft Of A Boat And Trailer.


3108 Glacier St:  On 04-25-10 Jo An Mccall Reported The Theft Of Lawn Mower.


4253 Denny Ave, Walmart:  On 04-25-10 Belita Ellis Reported A Shoplifting.   Three Juveniles Were Arrested.


2313 Old Mobile Hwy, Taylor Heights Apts:  On 04-25-10 Netia Rogers Reported Vandalism To A Door And Frame.


4900 Old Mobile Hwy:  On 04-25-10 Laterica Rich Reported Domestic Violence.