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Hospitality North and South

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Percy Paris, the minister of economic and rural development and the minister of tourism, culture and heritage in Nova Scotia, Canada, leaves Biloxi with quite an impression of the city.

Paris was one of 13 government leaders in Biloxi this week for the Southeastern United States-Canadian Provinces Alliance at the Beau Rivage. He and some others from the Canadian delegation went to church services Sunday morning, but their car dropped them at the wrong church. They were warmly welcomed, said Paris, and given directions to the church where the others were gathering, just a block or two away. The congregation was quite surprised to see leaders of Canada walking up the street rather than being more ceremoniously recognized as they stepped from a limousine.

Paris later met with Biloxi Council President Bill Stallworth to talk about forming a connection between Biloxi and Nova Scotia, which Paris said are both known for their hospitality. Stallworth said at Tuesday's Council meeting they talked about Nova Scotia lobsters, tourism and ways they can work together.

Mayor A.J. Holloway responded, “We'll be happy to work with them any way we can.”