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A great communicator

Councilman R.Lee Flowers (no space between the R. and the Lee, he says) sends out a regular e-mail dispatch to constituents in Ward 6.

We've found that Flowers is a real believer in transparency. He always seems willing to share records and information. He sent some advice to constituents in his latest e-mail.

This advice might be helpful for other residents, too, so here it is, from R.Lee's e-mail:

Water & Sewer Tap Fees At the April 6 council meeting, the City Council approved an increase in water and sewer tap fees. These fees were calculated to better address the actual costs of labor and hardware used to make these connections. However, the actual costs that would include the dirt, sand, fill, etc. are even higher. These costs were recommended to the Council by the Administration and after much discussion and revision were finally approved.   A very important change to the city’s approach to applying water tap charges was made. Previously, water taps fees for residents that had never had the opportunity to connect to city water was charged as a full tap fee of $350. Now, the city will require the same burden of itself as we require of developers, allowing the newly-serviced resident to pay only the “drop-in” tap fee of $250.   Hence, my recommendations to residents in newly-serviced areas: 1.        If a resident that has SEWER available to them and has not connected, connect now before the rate increases on May 6, 2010. This will result in an additional $300 cost. 2.        If a resident that has WATER available to them and has not connected, wait until after May 6, 2010 for the new water tap fee and classification for implementation. This will result in $100 savings. .