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Where's the report?

The city of Gulfport is connected: Twitter, facebook, websites, public spaces like city hall. The city even has a Gulfport 2030 website where a new comprehensive plan should be available.

But it's not, sadly. The comprehensive plan projects Gulfport's growth and needs through year 2030. It has maps that show suggested road improvements and areas that could be annexed to accommodate growth. 

The plan can serve as a reference book as the city makes decisions related to growth. Sadly, the last plan sat on a shelf. Doubly sad because these plans are not cheap. This one has been in the works since 2008. The 2030 website started off then with great promise, offering links to resource material and contacts. But the site looks dated these days.

Ward 6 Councilman R.Lee Flowers sure would like to see the plan distributed.He has the plan on computer and says he will make sure it's e-mailed to me so we can post it here. The files are very large, so it might take awhile to get each section posted, but hopefully you can find links to each section here by day's end.

Flowers also plans to place copies at businesses in Ward 6. He doesn't have any community centers or libraries in his ward, which is surprising because Gulfport seems to be the Community Center Capitol of the Deep South.

Anyway, Flowers told me this morning: 

"As soon as I got (the plan), I killed a few people's e-mail in boxes. I want it out there. It's a lot to read and consume. I know my take on it will be different from other people's.

"The more people that look at it, the more response we'll have, the more community involvement we'll get and the more support for the plan we'll have when we adopt it."