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Coming up on Week Two and still counting

On March 12, I set out to find out for readers how much traffic will be traveling through Gulfport's heart once the port triples in size and a port connector road is built between I-10 and U.S. 90.

The port handed me off to the Mississippi Department of Transportation. MDOT did some research and told me the port had ordered a report that included traffic projections. The port said MDOT would have to release the numbers. Back and forth it went.

Wednesday, I turned to Don Allee, the port's executive director. He was travelling, but phoned home. His call resulted in an e-mail from the port. A chart was pasted into the e-mail from a report. However, no text was included to explain the chart.

I've asked for the report, which I understand is fairly technical. 

I'm hoping someone will agree soon to explain the traffic projections.

Stay tuned.