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City wants public input on strategic plan featured here

The city of Pascagoula worked with residents to compile the proposed strategic plan for the city's future.

City Manager Kay Kell said the city is looking for public input on the plan. Residents are encouraged to voice their suggestions or objections during a 5:30 p.m. forum Thursday at the NOAA facility at 3209 Frederick Street.


Here's a look at the current draft of the city's strategic plan. Comments are encouraged.



Public Relations/Promotions/Communications Opportunities:

 Strategic Communication Plan

 State of the City address in a public forum

 Publish eye-catching Events and Newcomers Guide along with a virtual tour on the website.

 Wide variety of additional festivals such as: (suggestions)

 Promote the uniqueness of Pascagoula


Cleanliness & Beautification Opportunities:

 Relocation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

 Protect live oaks, tax incentives for landscaping, trash containers, and coordinate with local clubs and schools to foster public pride in the City

 Continue Streetscape theme to major corridors and encourage refurbishing business buildings by offering tax breaks/incentives

 Relocate downtown above ground power and phone lines to underground in phases

Urban Revitalization & Community Development Opportunities:

 Adopt/enforce Unified Development Ordinance

 Expand entertainment options to include: (suggestions)

 Build a world class public marina

 Pursue Waterfront Development, especially: (suggestions)

 Support redevelopment of Old PHS property


Small Business & Retail Shopping

 Shark Tank Forum for business people with venture capital

 Review Panel to review new codes before adopted and give feedback to City

 Designate new Retail Area formed by Market St., Highway 90, Ingalls Ave., and Chico St.

 Enhance the Code Office operation by: (suggestions)

   Special incentive to target Restaurants and Hotels/Motels such as a tax reduction

 A new Inner Harbor with the following:

Cultural / Recreational Opportunities

 Theater with 1000+ seating capacity.

 Themed Riverfront Development include: (suggestions)

 Expand recreation from existing 23 parks

 Install wireless technology citywide