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More about the Kell retirement from Chevron

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Officials with Chevron's California headquarters have issued more information about Roland Kell's retirement. Kell will leave the Pascagoula Refinery at the end of April. On Wednesday, they announced he was retiring, but didn't confirm when the transition to a new general manager would take place. 

    Kell, 60, chose to retire as part of the restructuring and downsizing the company is doing in the refinery end of the business, they said. 

   Taking his place on May 1 will be Tom Kovar from the company's refinery in Pembroke, Wales. That refinery is up for sale.

   Kell hails from Great Britain, but Kovar's from the U.S. He even worked at the Pascagoula Refinery in the 1980s.

Kell came to Pascagoula in 2002 and lead the Refinery through the aftermath of Katrina and two expansions valued at $650 million.

Kovar is from Detroit and received his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Tulsa in 1978.