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Yankee roots show when crab cakes on the menu

Living in South Mississippi, we are treated to some of the best seafood in the world. From succulent shrimp to tasty flounder, mahi and other delectables, we could eat seafood every day and never tire for lack of variety.

But my Yankee roots show when it comes to crab cakes. Those made here in the South are tasty, but the recipe that comes from the Maryland area are some of my favorite, mainly because there's very little filler in the mixture -- only enough to hold the tasty crab together.

The secret in the spices is Old Bay, which is sold at Rouse's, I know, because that's where we got it. It's sort of like Tony Chachere's for Yankees.

We enjoyed these crab cakes this week and I wanted to share the recipe with all of you. It's got the Weight Watchers poings included and you need little more than a salad to finish off this meal!


Maryland Crab Cakes

POINTS® Value:    5

Servings:  4

  1/2 cup(s) dried bread crumbs   
  2 Tbsp mayonnaise   
  2 tsp OLD BAY Old bay seasoning   
  2 tsp parsley   
  1/2 tsp mustard   
1 item(s) egg, beaten   
1 pound(s) lump crabmeat   


Mix with bread crumbs: mayonnaise, Old Bay, parsley, mustard and egg. Stir in crab meat.

Shape into patties and broil 10 minutes or until golden brown.