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Is that cottage cheese singing Abba?

One of the most valuable things I learned when I first lost a lot of weight a few years ago is that you can't maintain that loss if you deprive yourself. Of course, the most important facets of weight loss are mindful eating and activity, but life is not an endless conveyor belt of salads with fat-free dressing, raw veggies and fruit and boiled shrimp (although that does sound like a delicious dinner option for tomorrow night).

That's why I keep a bag of dark chocolate in my fridge. Love me some dark chocolate; the higher the percentage of cacao, the deeper and richer the chocolate flavor, and the more satisfying it is. My stash of choice is the Ghirardelli individually wrapped dark chocolate with caramel center. I store them in the fridge because they melt more slowly in the mouth when they're cold, and the individual wrappers help keep me honest (one piece only).

Speaking of doable sin, check out the nutritional information on one Dove Miniatures Ice Cream bar. Note I said one, and it's the miniature, bullet-shaped ones. But hey, you get real chocolate and real ice cream in a two-bite size. Love it!

When I do my grocery shopping, I stick to my list as much as possible, but if I see something new and shiny and it can fit into my budget and my food plans, I'll try it. This past Sunday, I was standing in front of the yogurt in a Long Beach grocery store. I happened to look down and saw individual containers, about the size of an average yogurt container, of Rachel's Wickedly Delicious cottage cheese. Available in sweet or savory flavors, they looked decidedly different. My eyes were immediately drawn to the Lemon Verbena Berry and the Cucumber Dill varieties. I looked at the label's nutritional information and was pleased with what I saw. The prices were OK, too, so I got a container of each of those flavors. I could hear the Abba song "Take a Chance on Me" pulsing on my internal soundtrack.

I'll probably have the Lemon Verbena Berry one tonight, and I'll let you know how it is. In the meantime, while you're doing the grocery shopping this weekend, why not try one new thing? It's an affordable bit of fun.