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Barbecue on the menu

Rouse's is touting a sale on Boston butt pork roast on the front of this week's grocery ad, while Food Giant has whole pork butts for $.89.

While there is a limit of 2, the roasts are on sale for $.89 a pound. My husband slow cooks the roast and it makes the BEST pulled pork barbecue! If you smell mean on the grill around our house this weekend, you'll know why!

The pork roast isn't the only deal we have going this week, however.

Winn Dixie has the 8-ounce store brand cheese on sale 3 for $5. And Rouse's has butter on sale $1.59 per pound. That's a great deal and just as an FYI, butter freezes well.

Rouse's also has its brand of orange juice for sale, two gallon jugs for $5.

Winn Dixie also has Rainer and Bing cherries on sale this week while Rouse's has yellow peaches for $.99 a pound.

And if you're in the mood to bake, Food Giant has 5-pound bags of sugar 2 for $5.

With these kinds of deals, I see pulled pork barbecue for dinner and maybe a peach or cherry cobbler for dessert.

Check out these deals and a bunch more in the grocery ads found in the Sun Herald.