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A little clean, a little green in grocery ads

Cleaning items and salad deals are in the grocery ads in today's Sun Herald.

Winn Dixie and Rouse's both have Dole salad kits on sale; Winn Dixie has buy one get one (a sale of up to $3.99 with your WD card) and Rouse's has the kits on sale 2 for $6.

Rouse's also has bags of Dole salad (not the kits) on sale for $.99 each, so if you've been thinking about having a summer salad for dinner, this is the week to add it to the menu.

Tammy Smith's blog post about cherries had my mouth watering and those lucious summer fruits also are on sale this week.

Winn Dixie and Food Giant have Bing cherries for $1.99 a pound.

Finally, we all have the laundry to do (it does tend to pile up if it isn't kept in check!) so we're happy to report that Rouse's and Winn Dixie have detergent on sale today.

Winn Dixie has Cheer and Gain 2X detergent for $4,99 and Rouse's has the Tide 2X for $4.99.

Lots more deals in the the ads. Check them out in today's Sun Herald. Ads are good all week!