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Grocery ads have the deals

After a weekend of burgers, ribs and barbecue, a little something different may be in order this week (after leftovers, of course.)

Looking over the grocery ads in today's Sun Herald give me a some great ideas to get away from the usual fare.

Rouse's, in addition to their great 5 picks for $19.99 on selected meats (the fare changes and offers some great deals) they have eye of round roast for $2.98 a pound, while Winn Dixie has boneless center cut pork loin for $1.99 a pound.

Regular readers of this blog may remember a recipe I posted last year for a pasta/sausage recipe from my sister.

The turkey Italian sausage in the recipe (found in the archives of this blog) is on sale at Winn Dixie at 2 for $7.

If you like baking (or your tea sweet) Food Giant has Domino sugar for $1,98 per 5-pound bag.

If a roast is more to your liking, Food Giant and Winn Dixie both has good deals on bottom round roasts (Winn Dixie buy one get one; Food Giant $1.69 a pound) and Rouse's has sirloin tip roast for $1.69 a pound.

There also are some good deals on Rainer cherries at Winn Dixie and Rouses.

Take a look at the grocery ads yourself (in today's Sun Herald) for more deals before you head to the store!