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Wednesday grocery deals

This week's grocery ads features a new addition -- Neco's Family market at 12342 Cable Bridge Road in Pass Christian with some really good-looking grilling meats on sale.

The Associated Food Stores member store has T-bone steaks for $5.99 a pound, center-cut pork chops for $1.99 a pound and split chicken breasts for $.99 a pound!

Winn Dixie is continuing with its Buy one/get one deals which includes salad kits or blends from Dole, sandwich meats and frozen seafood packages and also has the 10 items for $10 (has to be marked as such!) which give you an opportunity to stock up on stuff like rice mixes, pudding backs, Hunts sauce or Chef Boyardee pasta.

Rouses has fixins for a backyard barbecue including whole or half boneless rib-eye for $5.77 a pound and sweet corn ears, 10 for $2. If you're really adventurous, there are live lobster for $8.88 a pound. Pork ribs are $2.58 a pound and deals in the aisles include four 8 ounce cans of Valu Time tomato sauce for $1 and Marie Callender's frozen meals 4 for $9.

The deal of the day may be the Rouse's "Good Cook Smart" saute' pan for $9.99 that comes with coupons for a free pack of bacon, grits, biscuits and eggs with purchase of the pan.

There are plenty more deals in today's Sun Herald grocery store ads, so take a look for yourself. Most are good through June 23.