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Coast food on the radio

I am in no way a radio personality, but I will play one for about 10 minutes Thursday morning on Martha Stewart Radio during a weekly segment called "The Dish."

Martha's people (I like the way that sounds) called the newsroom last week looking for somebody to talk about local cuisine. A co-worker switched the call to me. There you have it, foodies. Our culinary reputation rests in my hands at 7 a.m. Central on Thursday.

Much caffeine will be consumed so that I can represent decently at that hour, yet not so much that I will chatter rapidly and incoherently about how awesome our food is here.

But it's true. You know how much we love our food. When you go out to lunch with friends, what do you talk about? Where you're going for dinner that night or what you're going to cook, or where you went to dinner the night before.

We talk about what restaurants have just opened or are supposed to open soon. If somebody went to a fundraiser the night before, the topic immediately following the fashion report is the menu. There's the occasional grouse ("Why don't we have a ...", "They're not as good as they used to be...", "What do you mean that's your favorite place? They're awful!"), but that makes for lively discussion. We can't all like the same thing (thank goodness).

If you're up at 7 a.m. Thursday and get Sirius Radio or the "Best of Sirius" package on XM, pad out to the SUV, switch your XM radio to 157 or your Sirius one to 112, and check it out.