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Crab cakes like Maryland used to make

I admit I am not a native Southerner. I was born in Massachusetts and lived in the north until I was 12.

My parents are both from northern climes, so when I get a taste for something from those regions, I point to my upbringing and my parents' background as the source.

I am unapologetic in some of these tastes -- like the taste of real maple syrup on pancakes, fresh cranberries (in just about anything), Maine lobster (steamed, not boiled) -- and Maryland crab cakes.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the deviled crabs we make here in the South. But those crab cakes -- and I mean real Maryland crab cakes -- have a certain flavor I haven't found here.

I'm going to give a couple of recipes I found on a try this weekend to see if I can find the same flavor as those sampled on trips to Maryland to visit friends a few years back. As a matter of fact, I was so taken with the tasty cakes that my friends dubbed on visit "Kate's Crab Cakes Tour."

One of my favorite places was a pub, McGarvey's Saloon and Oyster Bar, that overlooked the Annapolis harbor that was chock-full of Naval Academy memorabilia. Wonderful atmosphere and some of the best Maryland crab cakes ever made.

We'll see how well I can replicate it. Why don't y'all give it a try as well?