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Do unto others

It's hard to think of something to write for a food blog on days like this. Some of us are preparing for Gustav, all of us are remembering Katrina. All that comes to mind on the subject of food are MREs and potted meat sandwiches. It's hardly the stuff of culinary inspiration.

But, I think right now it's important to remember that the most enjoyable thing about food isn't preparing or eating it. It's sharing it. If there's one thing Hurricane Katrina taught us, it's that there's nothing we can't overcome with a little help from our friends. Whatever the coming week holds for us, we'll be just fine as long as we look out for each other. So while you're stocking your pantry for the hurricane, make sure you've got a little extra on hand for your neighbor, just in case.

And after you check on the folks across the street, remember your neighbors across the country and the world. Here's a few organizations that are out to make sure no one goes hungry.

Second Harvest - A domestic food assistance charity that helps feed millions of low income people in the United States.

Action Against Hunger - An international organization dedicated to saving malnourished children while ensuring that they and their families have access to safe drinking water.

The Hunger Site - A for-profit site that donates money from its advertising revenue to hunger charities. All you have to do is click a button.

FreeRice - For every correct answer in these games, Free Rice donates 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. (The rice is paid for by the sponsors advertised on the site.)