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What is Southern?

One of my favorite treats I look forward to is my monthly issue of Gourmet magazine, which is a gift from a co-worker that he generously continues to renew for me.

This month, there is an essay from Edna Lewis on "What is Southern?" In part, she says:


"I grew up noticing the food feasts, picnics, church revival dinners with long white tablecloths. Families put out warm fried chicken, braised leg of mutton, thin slices of boiled Virginia ham. Green beans cooked in pork stock, beets in a vinaigrette sauce. English peas in cream. Baked tomatoes with crusty squares of bread on top. Fragrant corn pudding. Potato salad with a boiled dressing. Watermelon and cantaloupe pickles and relishes, preserves and jellies, and iced tea."

The evocative words conjure up all sorts of images that every Southerner can relate to. And the essay has lots of links for things like the baked tomatoes with crusty squares of bread on top. Mmmmm.

Take a look at the essay, peruse the recipes, and maybe even grab one of your own for a true taste of the South this weekend.