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A parting shot at peas

To get crispy fritters like these, be sure your oil is hot enough (365 degrees). Team Sugar photo

It occurred to me after Tuesday’s post that I first encountered black-eyed peas dolled up with allspice and hot pepper on an episode of “The Two Fat Ladies,” a staple in the early days of the Food Network.

Anyone beside me remember Clarissa Dickson Wright and the late Jennifer Paterson, a couple of terribly British -- well -- fat ladies who tooled around the U.K. on a motorcycle stuffing folks with completely unhealthy food.

In one episode, these amply endowed cooks were called upon to lend a hand in the kitchen of the Brazilian embassy in London, and among the delights to which they introduced us were the caipirinha, a cocktail made with an atomic rum-like Brazilian alcohol called Cachaca, limes and muscov ado sugar. (Drink at your own risk and never near an open flame.)

The other was a fritter made from soaked but uncooked black-eyed peas ground in the food processor with other ingredients including, by The Two Fat Ladies’ recipe, allspice and ground chili.

The recipe you’ll find here doesn’t call for allspice, but you can add one quarter teaspoon when you add the cayenne.

We tried it years ago with limited success, back when we were timid about cranking up the heat under oil till it fairly boiled with whatever it was heated to fry. Recklessness in the kitchen is frowned upon, but timidity is even worse. We mean to try these fritters again. Whoever gets to it first, please come back and report.