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One last burger post

Use whatever mushrooms you like to stuff your burger. Photo by Marice Cohn Band/Miami Herald/MCT

The Aussie Burger was a huge disappointment, and were we to make it again, which is unlikely, we would not -- under any circumstances save a threat of violence -- put grilled pineapple on it.

Hanging down there near the bottom of the world must make the blood rush to the heads of Australians, because the burger shared in the pages of Gourmet simply has too much going on, too many tastes at right angles to one another: pineapple and a fried egg, pickled beets and chili paste/mayo.

Tastebuds are pretty resilient, but halfway through the Aussie Burger, they were begging for relief. No, we're gonna stick with the comment from southerncynic, which was much more satisfying, and that was putting cheese and mushrooms inside your burger. He/she referred to it as the best "concept burger" he/she had tasted. Concept or not, it worked.

We used grated Swiss and duxelles. Well, not actual duxelles but minced mushrooms sauteed in butter until almost pasty, reason being, we save mushroom stems precisely for this purpose, and they were all we had on hand.

Mother of Pearl! It was heavenly. In fact, we constructed the burger a couple of ways, the first as two thin patties with cheese and mushrooms between, edges pinched, on the grill. The taste was superb, but the filling melted and oozed out. Secondly, we formed a quite thick but small-in-diameter burger. Actually it was more like a short, fat log of a burger. Then, using the handle of a wooden spoon, we poked a cavity into the thickness of the burger, forcing bits of cheese and mushroom into the opening and finally pinching it closed with moistened fingers. We then gently -- and we do mean gently -- flattened the log into a thickish disk and grilled it.

No leakage, and because the mushrooms had been reduced to their essence before forming the burger, the flavor seeped into every pore of the meat. All it needed was a toasted roll and a bit of Dijon mustard. No mayo, no sandwich salad. Perfection. Thank you southerncynic.