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The best burger in the world

This burger is big but nowhere near as juicy/drippy as a Swamp Burger. Photo by Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/MCT

Understand at the top of this, we don't get to eat burgers much anymore, one of the sad consequences -- and they are myriad -- of aging. We're told the arteries won't take it, and we play along most of the time.

But when the system simply can endure it no longer, when the need to hear/smell the sizzle of ground beef against hot griddle becomes unbearable, we head west. We head "home."

Ah, yes, home. That used to be picturesque Bay St. Louis, and she still is quite lovely to look at, Katrina scars and all. We mean to return there when gas is no longer $4 a gallon or we no longer need to make a 42-mile round trip every day.

"Home" is where our current best-ever, favorite burger is made, and we say "current" because we do have an oh-so-fickle palate.

That favorite would be the Swamp Burger, a concoction put together at Rickey's, corner U.S. 90 and Blue Meadow Road.

The point here, though, is to challenge all you blog-hoppers to share your favorite burgers, to say not only where to find them, but why they are your personal favorites.

The Swamp Burger is our favorite because it is possibly the largest burger you can lift and put to your mouth, hand formed and lumpy, crusty on the outside and juicy in the middle. The fact that they pile on sauteed onions, mushrooms too if you like, a cheese of choice and lots of sandwich salad earns it extra points. And there's no need to order a side of fries; they come with the burger.

You must eat this quite slowly because you want never to get to the last bite, and by the time you do, you feel as if you might burst. What does it do to your ration of fat and cholesterol? Best not to ask.

Got one better than that? Lay it on us, so we can try it this weekend -- provided it's within a reasonable driving distance.