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It's vacation time

Thank goodness we're up and running again, after a long couple of days of no Internet connection. Just in time for a good long run at doing nothing for a couple of weeks.

It's vacation time! And, oh, how I wish there were a hammock like this one in my future. (Photo by John Mutrux/Kansas City Star/MCT)
  • Thought I'd clear up at least a couple of things including that early-May post about "testing" various Creole seasoning to see if differences could be detected. I'm no food scientist, but I've spent some time trying at least four different brands -- Emeril, Paul Prudhomme, Tony Chachere and Robert St. John's -- and except for some rather larger bits of leaf herbs in St. John's, the flavors, even heat levels, are comparable. Sorry, guys. Surely someone will disagree, but that's what drives commerce, right?

  • Mel left a suggestion at the "What can you do with one box of Jiffy?" post, but there must be others. Dig around in your recipe boxes and send something.

  • Peanut Charlie continues to grow at quite a clip.

  • My kitchen still has ugly wallpaper, but we're not ignoring the comments left at that post, and before my hiatus is over, I'll have more on that.

  • And I've reconnected with an old colleague whose kitchen experimentation is legend. I'm expecting killer input from him.

So stick around, watch for on-the-road posts and photos, and all you lurkers out there, leave a comment, a suggestion, a recipe. In fact, if you've seen something great on Food Network or anywhere for that matter, tell us about it.