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If I can cook here...

Jean's ugly kitchen

. . .you can cook in whatever you have that passes for a kitchen. This one is hideous, isn't it? Holy home decorator, believe me when I tell you that I didn't choose the wallpaper. Who puts wallpaper in a kitchen anyway? And over the stove?! It just seems that people with minimal time and money believe they can't cook at home and do it healthier. We all know what happens when you live on fast food, and quite frankly, our friend Jon, the chef at Coast Camp Care says it all today in the Sun Herald's Your Life section. It's all about desire -- you have to want to do it -- about planning and about being committed to taking care of yourself and your family while eating really good food. Join us as we attempt to follow that path, and if you have suggestions for shopping smart, eating healthy, saving time in the kitchen, please, PLEASE, PLEASE share.