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Let's play a little catch-up for the kind folks who've already stopped in to say hello:

Stan asked on Day 1 just what kind of coffee does it take to get a heart started. Currently, that would be Mello Joy, "the original Cajun coffee," dark roast naturally, available at Rouse's, presumably all locations. Oh, and the young man who was the point of that original post, way back on April 21? Francis Lam is doing well and promises to return to East Biloxi.

Robert St. John has a book-signing coming up at Barnes & Noble in Gulfport first week of next month. Specifics in a tick or as soon as we can unearth the press release on our littered desktop.

We've done a few more breakfast experiments and combined bananas (mashed up with a bit of peanut butter) and pan perdue for a kind of breakfast Monte Cristo sandwich, above. Experiment, and let us know the results.

We never got back to the pusharata booth at Our Lady of Fatima's International Spring Festival, but we did a bit of a search for a pusharata recipe and found this one online, submitted by -- of all people -- a Mississippi Gulf Coast resident. Check it out.

Thanks for visiting, lori lynn, and keeps those cards and letters coming.

UPDATE: We found the press release! Sun Herald/Marquee columnist, restaurateur and cookbook author Robert St. John will be signing copies of his latest Hyperion release, "New South Grilling," from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, June 8, at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 15246 Crossroads Parkway, Gulfport. Be there or be square.

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