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Fatima Fest update...

Reporting from Our Lady of Fatima International Spring Festival, 3 p.m. Saturday -- Sorry, no bao -- or steamed buns -- though other Filipino dishes are available. We even noticed a Jamaican booth with jerk chicken, rice and peas, fried plantains, good stuff. And what would a Biloxi festival be without pusharatas, warm, tender, not too sweet, not too fruit filled, just right. You'll see the sign, but look for what appear to be hush puppies with frosting.

We also visited the "gumbo house," where we indulged in a serving, over potato salad. Delish. The gumbo/salad sale is wholly Our Lady of Fatima's offering, whereas booth space for other vendors is rented. Parishioners and local businesses provided the gumbo, and workers could provide only a few names: Suzie Gonsoulin, Judy and Julius Broussard, the Beau Rivage.

Food booths will remain open till right at closing tonight (10 p.m.) and will reopen Sunday about 10:20 a.m., 10:30 latest. Join the crowd, take a look, have a taste. Oh, and bring cash, which you'll swap for tokens the size of doubloons. It's easier, better and safer than everyone's handling a cash box.

COMING SUNDAY: Famed female Iron Chef and even more famed Mississippian Cat Cora has a great grilling spread in Sunday's copy of Parade -- flavors from the grill with a Hawaiian edge, a Moroccan bite. There's even a recipe for that fabulously garlicky mayo-like sauce aioli. Don't miss it.