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I'm gonna be sorry...

Some of the produce you'll see -- sooner or later -- at the Biloxi farmers market.

It's farmer's market day in Biloxi; Howard Avenue, under the 110 bridge? Should have been there an hour ago, but running late as usual. Looking for something, anything absolutely fresh.

Go only when you have time to question the "farmers" about where they live, what else they grow. You may find they "meet a guy with a big truck just off I-10" to buy veggies grown five states away. And that's perfectly fine. It's just that we try to "eat local" either Tuesday or Thursday of each week. Those are market days under the bridge.

What to do with what you buy?

Almost without exception, very fresh veggies taste best simply steamed or roasted, sprinkled with a pinch of kosher salt (or not, if your diet is sodium restricted), a grind of pepper and the tiniest drizzle of Spanish olive oil. Very different flavor from Italian.

Pick a day of the week and try to eat absolutely healthy. They say after three weeks, it becomes habit, and then you -- we, us -- can pick another day. By autumn we'll be so healthy we won't be able to stand ourselves.

So, tell us what you like to buy at farmer's market, where you buy it or what you'd like to find there that you haven't been able to. Also, would you shop a Whole Foods market if one opened at some central Coast location?