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Worth that extra mile

Someone in the newsroom recently wondered aloud what kind of po-boy wasn't a "New Orleans-style" po-boy. Every eatery seems to want to assure customers theirs is of the New Orleans variety, anyway. Anyone want to enlighten me? Aren't they just called subs otherwise?

But besides getting me thinking, the conversation made me extremely hungry. So, on a quick visit to see family in north Jackson County, we stopped by T.J.'s in Hurley (228-588-1155) for what I personally consider to be the best pressed sandwich on the Coast, if you want to go the extra few miles to get one. The shrimp, crawfish and barbecue beef (above) sandwiches particularly stand out.

Not that T.J.'s — a good 30 minutes north of the beach — has a monopoly around here. McElroy's, presently situated just off the Biloxi Bay Bridge as you enter Ocean Springs, has a pretty great crabmeat po-boy (I recommend the full fixin's). And, located inside just about every other BP gas station you pass, Fayard's is another po-boy hotspot not to be missed.

But I'm only one person. How far would you go (and where, please) for the perfect po-boy?