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A menu on the sunny side

When my nephew got married a few weeks back, we went to the reception hall to add some wedding touches to the decor.

The bride's colors were bright yellow and silver, so we gathered some great apothicary jars and filled them with lemons and silver Christmas ornaments to add a dash of color to the buffet.

Of course, after the wedding, I found myself wondering what to do with about 4 dozen lemons.

Nearly half went into making limoncello, an Italian liqueur that should be ready to brighten up the holiday season.

I've also made a lemon buttermilk pound cake and Asian lemon chicken, while my husband whipped up Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict and cooked some tilapia in a lemon butter sauce that was incredible.

We still have lemons, so perhaps some lemon poppy seed muffins this weekend?

if you've got an abundance of an ingredient in your pantry, try doing a search for that ingredient on some of the cooking Web sites like or or

They all have great recipe databases that can help you figure out the best way to use your surplus.