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Greek life

I have finally tried Greek yogurt. My opinion? As many a relative back home would say, "You need to go get you some, sugar."

I had heard about it for a few months. I had seen it in a handful of stores, but I didn't know what the fuss was all about. I occasionally drink bottled water, but I don't worry whether it says Switzerland or Kentwood, La., on the label. I figured it was just somebody's way to bring one-upmanship to a previously untapped product.

Then I was in a store in a nearby city, en route to a weekend at a friend's house, and they didn't have my regular brand of yogurt. There, at eye level (well, eye level for most people, not me), was a selection of four flavors of Greek yogurt. And it was nonfat! A light bulb came on, and I chose the peach fruit-on-the-bottom one.

The next morning, I opened the yogurt container and took my first bite.

"Ohmigoff!" I said around the creamy stuff, and my friend looked up, surprised to hear me talk with my mouth full. "Thiff if good!"

So what's the difference? Greek yogurt is thicker and richer. If you want to compare textures, regular yogurt is pudding, Greek yogurt is sour cream. I didn't even bother mixing the fruit with the yogurt; I just got a bit of it, like topping, on each spoonful of yogurt.

I haven't come across that particular brand at the stores I frequent here, but I have found four-packs of honey Greek yogurt at Wal-Mart. Yup. Yogurt with a layer of honey on the bottom. Cogitate on that. My mouth is watering even now.

As my Aunt Frances would say, "Go get you some real soon, OK?"