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What's Coming Out of my Kitchen

I haven't been doing anything exciting in the kitchen lately. I've been relying on my old stand-by recipes. But I have recently discovered a couple of recipes that became stand-bys rather quickly, so I figured I could share those. 

This first one is a blueberry muffin recipe that's become my staple for breakfast for a few weeks now. The only changes I've made are swapping out vanilla yogurt for the blueberry flavor and replacing the sugar with Splenda. I've also stopped adding a dollop of yogurt to the middle of each muffin, but that's just to keep my fingers from getting gooey when I'm eating breakfast on my morning commute.

Another is a Rachael Ray recipe for vegetable pasta that I've made several times. The first time I followed the recipe to the letter, but each subsequent time it's been changed to reflect whatever I've had on hand. I can tell you it tastes just as good with half zucchini and half yellow squash. It also works with parmesan or romano cheese instead of Swiss. And while I've found that the bread crumbs are mostly optional, the fresh basil is not.

I'll be having a blueberry muffin for breakfast tomorrow, and probably pasta leftovers for lunch... but after that, I have every intention of venturing more boldly into the kitchen. After a brief stop in the herb garden.