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An apple for the sauce

Remember Diane Keaton in 'Baby Boom?' The go-getter turned instant mom finds herself making "designer baby food" in her country kitchen.

Well, my friend Myra was conjuring up Keaton's J.C. Wyatt last week in her kitchen as she peeled orchard-picked apples for applesauce that was wonderfully tasty and surprisingly easy to make.

First of all, Myra doesn't sweat having the applesauce smooth. In fact, it looks more like baked pie filling -- full of chunks of savory apples.

Second, she experiments with flavors to produce some scrumptious results.

Here's the deal:

Peel and core and slice into chunks a 5-pound bag of your favorite apples.

Add some brown sugar (to taste) and about a 1/2 cup of juice (your choice!) instead of water. it adds flavor, rather than watering it down.

Add cinnamon (again, to taste) and cook down about 1 1/2 hours.

As for experimenting, I added cranberries (and a little more brown sugar) for a tasty alternative.

Myra used ginger gold apples with some powdered ginger added for a zesty change on the staple.

She's also added blueberries or raspberries to her sauce (and says it's really good with vanilla ice cream. Yum!)

Give this simple recipe and shot and get creative -- then share here so we can all try something different!