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Recruiting Junior College quarterbacks is a very complicated process. Division I schools usually prefer signing high school signal-callers because they have five years to grow and develop.

JUCO quarterbacks only have two years to play in college, putting them behind the eight-ball.

As one former JUCO coach told me years ago, "You better be pretty darn good for a major college to sign you."

Two quarterbacks made the Sun Herald's JUCO Top 20 list of in-state recruits: Greg Jenkins (Gulf Coast) and Randall Mackey (East Mississippi).

Both have already chose colleges. Mackey's headed to Ole Miss, likely to run the Rebels' Wild Rebel formation. Jenkins, who shown accuracy this season, will sign with Troy. He will be a great running back, if quarterback doesn't pan out.

Two other quarterbacks in-state have attracted D-I interest: Emil Jones (Pearl River) and Casey Weston (Northwest).

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