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Gulfport on The Weather Channel, MSNBC splicing politics with Gustav

The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel, in a sporty rain parka that’s holding up pretty good despite the wind, has been reporting from Gulfport today.

He most recently filed a standup from near the Island View Casino. The wind was kicking up pretty good, but he said the storm surge there appears to be receding into the Sound after having crossed over U.S. 90.

“Thankfully, those barrier islands are out there,” the Weather Channel anchor noted at the end of Seidel's story.

Other than the Weather Channel, there doesn’t appear to be nearly as much coverage of Mississippi on the other national TV outlets. But I’m just basing that on what I’ve seen channel surfing on an unfamiliar set. MSNBC is doing Gustav coverage, but spent some time on a piece about how Gustav has caused the GOP to scale back a lot of the Republican National Convention festivities. CNN seems to be focusing its coverage on New Orleans and has spent most of its air time on Gustav.

-Michael Newsom