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Harrison County river flood crest projected

From the good folks at the Harrison County Emergency Management Agency:

Harrison County, Miss. - The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the three rivers in the county.  The rivers have been rising, will continue to rise and will overflow their banks due to storm surge from Hurricane Gustav. 

Further, we have not yet received rain that has fallen north of the county.  As that rain enters our rivers, they will contribute to rising river levels.

According to the National Weather Service:

--    Flood stage on the Biloxi River is 12 feet.  The Biloxi River is projected to crest on Tuesday, September 2 at 15.5 feet. 

--    Flood stage on the Tchoutachabouffa River is eight feet.  The Tchoutachabouffa River is projected to crest on Tuesday, September 2 at nine feet.

--    Flood stage on the Wolf River is eight feet.  The Wolfe River is projected to crest on Wednesday, September 3 at nine feet.

County emergency management officials urge residents near rivers to monitor water levels closely.

The National Weather Service posts river stages at  There will be a map titled, “Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center.”  Click on the southeast corner of Mississippi to get to another map titled, “Pascagoula River and Gulf Drainage Basins.”  Click on this second map for the river of interest or, below the map, click on the river name in the list under “Forecast and Stages.” �