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Plan B in place in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Sun Herald has a news production team in Columbus, Ga., in the event the newspaper is unable to publish from its main Gulfport plant. 

  This is the same plan we used after Hurricane Katrina. 

  Four journalists — myself, an assistant city editor, reporter Michael Newsom, page designer Emery Carrington and wire editor Paul Hampton, arrived in Georgia either on Sunday night or early today. We are working from the newsroom at the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, our sister paper. Both are owned by the McClatchy Co. 

  The staff in Columbus was generous and gracious to us after Katrina, when we printed from Georgia for two weeks. At the time, we took over many newsroom resources, but they never complained and, in fact, were happy to help us in any way they could. 

  They have proved in our short time here for Gustav to show the same generosity. 

  Photo editor Mike Haskey, in particular, has been wonderful. He greeted us this morning as we literally sneaked into the building and helped us get set up with computer logons and such. He left me several phone numbers of local staffers I can call for help. And Executive Editor Ben Holden has offered us extra help in the event we need it. 

  At this time, the folks at the home office think we'll be able to print Tuesday's paper in Gulfport . But we'll be standing by in Georgia if anything changes.