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Highways shutting down as tidal surge floods portions of Jackson County



JACKSON COUNTY – Beach Boulevard in Pascagoula is underwater, with the tidal surge from Hurricane Gustav pushing more water further inland from Pascagoula Street to Washington Avenue.


Several bridges in low-lying areas are flooded, too, though sightseers took to the streets just after dawn today, some driving their vehicles in the salt waters until they were stuck.


As a result of the increasing number of sightseers on the road, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd has imposed a curfew effective immediately and slated to end for now at dawn Tuesday,


The curfew applies to in everyone living in any Jackson County municipality – Ocean Springs, Gautier, Moss Point and Pascagoula.


“The curfew is for the safety of everybody,” Byrd said. “We’ve got too many people riding around gawking and looking and that’s who people get hurt.”


In fact, lots of motorists headed to Beach Boulevard to take in the tidal surge and others gathered near other flooded areas. Authorities are currently in the process of shutting down access to flooded areas.


In Moss Point, officials have just shut down Miss. 613 because the tidal surge has flooded a portion of the highway, making it impassable.

Other flooding is reported on Shore Drive in Gulf Hills in the St. Martin community and nearby areas.