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Storm chasers in downtown Gulfport

Just ran into four students from the University of South Alabama Storm Intercept Team in downtown Gulfport. They're bunkered down with some impressive technology to observe the storm.

They have 10 people on the team, in all, including Charles Aldrich, a senior from St. Martin. He wants to go on a be a National Weather Service forecaster after graduation. As for tonight, there are two reasons he's here.

"I'll admit we like the rush," he said, "but the main thing is research documentation."

Aldrich said they are watching Gustav strengthening in the Gulf, undergoing eyewall replacement. He said he thinks it will make landfall near Grand Isle, La.

Ivory Reinert, from Mobile, and Red Skelton's cousin (really), James Shelton from Pensacola, were also at their car at the time I was there.