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Latest NHC update on Gustav

The National Hurricane Center says Gustav is moving northwest at about 17 mph, with a decrease in forward speed duirng the next two days. The storm is expected to make landfall on the Louisiana coast on Monday.

Winds are now near 115 mph with higher gusts, making Gustav a Category 3 storm. Intensification is expected tonight and it should be a major hurricane when it hits.

Hurricane force winds extend outward for 70 miles, with tropical storm force winds out to 220 miles. That means South Mississippi's going to see some high winds, even if we miss the brunt of the storm.

Tropical storm force winds are about to hit the Louisiana coast, and hurricane conditions are expected after midnight. A storm surge of 10-14 feet is expected, with 6-12 inches of rain over Louisiana and South Mississippi, with local inundations of 20 inches possible. Tornadoes are also possible.