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God dag, Gustav

Hello, Gustav.

That's as friendly as I wanna be with what looks like a potentially scary storm. has the latest hurricane newshurricane tracking and hurricane preparedness information.

In other Gustav news:

What's the No. 1 site that shows up when you Google "Gustav": Gustav's Pub in the Pacific Northwest.

Isn't there a King Gustav or something?: Carl XVI Gustaf is currently the king of Sweden, but King Gustav II Adolf founded the Swedish Empire.

What did past Hurricane Gustavs do?: Not much, try this map. This game is useless, much like those football gambling touts who point out stuff like the Saints have covered the betting line against the Patriots the last 10 games, even though there's no way in heck that a game in 1993 has any impact on a current game.

The best composer named Gustav?: Gustav Mahler.