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'Captain America' offers barge solution to stop oil spill

Dear Soul, Capt. America Here, Second Letter for Oil clean-up below this Letter. (Good Luck, everyone!) I have invented over a hundred products, and yes, Capt America, one of the greatest inventors to ever grace this earth, can Stop the Oil Spill. This is my fix for the Oil Leak: We get four ocean going barges, and massively reinforce the Oil Well connecting side. The Barges will face each other one on each side of the Pipe. We then sink the two Barges under a controlled condition, using Air, so we can move them around if need be. Two huge Hydraulically operated round clamps will hook around pipe, and the two Barges will come together hydraulically and Locking pins will be inserted and tightened. Now we have a grip on the Pipe and the oil is going up our tube and into the water, as before. Next we do a controlled sinking of the other two Barges, and each will fasten with a huge Pin set up which wewill build to hold the two Barges tight to the main two Barges, due to the force of the Oil. Now we have all four Barges in place hooked solidly together, and the third and fourth barges are centered between the out side of the two Barges with the Pipe and Valve System. Next we remove Air Bags, an start dropping super dense heavy rocks on the Barges, and we also begin pouring mass quantities of Concrete on top of the freshly fallen Rock and do this in lifts of seven foot. Let the concrete set for three days. The moment of Truth. WE begin closing the five giant Valves, which are staggered up, and on each side. This will be done by remote control, or with Submarines out-fitted with a special Power Wrench. We don't want all the force on any one valve. Each valve is spaced five foot from each other, in reinforced valve sections. Next we would slowly tighten the valves in a staggered sequence that would help to slow the oil, which would take some of the pressure off the Top Valve when we finally close it. As we tighten the screws, Robot Submarines, and stationed camera's would be watching Barges for any movement. If any movement reared it's ugly head, we would stop, and hit it with more Concrete and Rock. Then, we would continue at this rate until we closed all the valves. I think it would work, and I don't think anything else will. CAPT 1. AMERICA OUT. Dear Glenn Beck, Capt America here, with a letter to BP, and the British Government as well as our own. First off, to have any Skimmers, Barges, or huge oil sucking Ships setting idle anywhere around world, is a Crime against humanity and it should be the largest Case ever brought against a sitting President, for Animal Cruelty. Obama stopped every plan for preventing the oil from getting into the marshes that might have worked or helped a little or allot. He should be in prison for not letting the States build berms. This is beyond extreme dereliction of Duty. He needs to be put under White House Arrest, and then have someone such as myself who understands suffering from war, and how fast you must move. (They don't get it!) I am a quick thinking Soldier, Contractor, Miner, and Super Inventor, to come and help the top Officials to run the Disaster, until not needed, both the Clean up, and the stopping of the Oil. Capt America has invented over one hundred products to include a System to protect our Ships Of War, against Torpedoes, and Missiles. And a huge Fire Fighting Machine for putting out Range Fires without the need for water, and in miles per hour. Obama’s catastrophic policies are being directed with the Unions, and his Cap & Trade Handlers in mind, and they have never seen a disaster that they could,'t make political hay with. Your only hope is the Chicago Machine at this point. So grease the right people, or give me a call. This time they really are crossing the line, and they are responable for many of the animals dying in the Sea, and for the slaughter of the Sea Birds and everything in between. I have developed a system to stop the leak. And I would like the chance to build it quick and improvise a huge Valve and Clamp System. A Ship yard should be modifying the Barges as I write this. If you want to survive this world wide Catastrophe, I suggest you make a world wide Call for every ship afloat that can help some. If you don’t act swiftly and concisely, your CEO and others will be going to jail, or the Gallows. The States affected, should be able to do anything they want, to incude dealing with other Countries, and BP will pick up the cost. The useless American Government needs to crawl back in thier corrupt hole, and get the Hell out of the way. Capt. America Out! P.S. Let me save the world, it is what I do best.  Please get back to me quick, and put me in charge, or at least ask the question, and I will tell you how to proceed, step by step. It would be better if I have all the information, as to the Sea Floor around the Oil Leak. You might remember when Joesph deciphered Farrow's dream, that Joesph was who Farrow picked to see the job of saving Egypt from famine, through to the end. A Good Choice. You may not realize it, but this is a God Thing, and He is not happy with being ignored, and watching the once Holy Nation He founded, Kill their Babies, and Marry their boys to men, and their women to girls, and then make it a crime to mention God in our Schools, and Government. P.S.S. As long as I am here, let me tell all of you the secret of life. If you sin just once your countenance will change to being unhappy. Next, You pray with a contrite heart, and your sin is forgiven, and you are not to repeat the sin, and you will once again be happy. (It's natural, with God, Yes Jesus is Jesus just as The God of Israel is your Father.) If you pile sin upon sin a wave of depression will come upon you, and stay there until you can get forgiveness for your sin, one by one, you must clean off the stack. All of you who think you can sin, and be happy, are crazy and lied to. All of the preachers, and Priest are unkowningly lying to you. God's System revolves around purity of heart. It's real simple, you can have joy today and tomorrow. Sin, is AutoSad. To rid yourself of this sadness you must Repent, with a contrite heart, coupled with a mental understanding of the sin you committed, and you can be smiling as soon as you get off your knees. Joy and misery, are as simple as right and wrong. Misery and pain, are a sin tax, and depression is the price you and all sinners must pay. Capt. America out.