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Trip ends in arrests of 3

WIGGINS — Bonds have been set for three Jackson residents accused of using a stolen vehicle for a trip to allegedly sell drugs in Gulfport, narcotics officers said.

Officers recovered the stolen Mitsubishi Montero and seized a handgun, 55 rocks of crack cocaine, 18 tablets of Ecstasy, two bags of powdered cocaine and four bags of marijuana, said Greg Daniels, a Wiggins Police detective assigned to a narcotics task force with Stone County sheriff’s investigators.

“They told us they were on their way to College Heights Apartments in Gulfport,” Daniels said.

He identified them as Travis Bishop — who was on probation at the time; his cousin, Cordell Bishop, 18; and Sheila Ingram, 30.

Wiggins Police officer Aaron Grog tried to stop the SUV Dec. 13 after he ran a license-plate check and found it had been reported stolen. Daniels said a brief pursuit followed, then all three jumped out of the vehicle and ran but were taken into custody.

The three each have bonds that total $120,000 on multiple counts of drug possession with intent to distribute. They remained in custody Tuesday at the Stone County jail.

Investigators believe it was Travis Bishop, the driver, who had a .45-caliber handgun in the SUV.

Daniels said Travis Bishop lied about his name and also tried to escape from the police department while being escorted in handcuffs to the restroom.

“He made a 10-feet-high jump from the bathroom window and three of us chased after him, taking him into custody about two blocks from the police department,” Daniels said.

Travis Bishop is held without bond on the probation violation. At the time he was under supervision for conviction of receiving stolen property. That conviction also involved a stolen vehicle, Daniels said.

Travis Bishop also is charged with felonies including receiving stolen property, possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, escape and eluding. Daniels said Bishop will be transferred to the state prison system to serve time on his prior conviction.