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Light snow dusts Bay St. Louis

A light snow blew briefly here this morning as Old Man Winter arrived in town, delighting residents who had the luxury of staying inside and inconveniencing others working in the great outdoors.

Flurries began falling around City Hall on U.S. 90 about 9:30 a.m., then dissipated. But the snow began again about 30 minutes later, falling around town as the wind blew in from the west. By 11 a.m., the snow had stopped again and turned into a cold drizzle.

However, forecasts were predicting more snow later in the day.

Bay St. Louis native Bob Benigno sat in a coffee shop on U.S. 90 and watched it all, sipping a steaming cup of java. “How about that?” he said, recalling a heavy snow that blanketed the Bay in the early 1960s.

“We used to have real good snows now and then in those days,” he said. “Not so much any more.”

On Main Street, letter carrier Micki Clifton parked her truck and delivered mail to houses and businesses as the flurries began. “Now I can say that I truly have delivered the mail in rain, sleet and snow,” she said.

There were reports of heavier snow farther north in Hancock County, around Kiln. The last significant Bay St. Louis snowfall in recent memory came in 2004, when it snowed on Christmas Day.