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Design & Planning Awards rules


To award projects, both in the built and natural environment, that help the six Mississippi coastal counties rebuild, grow, and sustain in a manner that is respectful of culture and natural processes all the while offering the residents of the Coast a true sense of place and community.


Eligible projects are projects in the six (6) coastal counties of South Mississippi that have been built, rebuilt or restored since Hurricane Katrina. Projects in the planning category must be plans or processes that have been adopted, approved, or projects with visible evidence of process leading to the project becoming actioned.


Architecture: residential, commercial, etc

Engineering : civil, chemical, mechanical, electrical, etc

Environmental: stewardship, management plans, water resources, etc

Landscape Architecture: residential, commercial, parks, etc

Planning: comprehensive plans, public engagement, etc

Award of Excellence: a project nominated by the jury members that will be voted upon by the Steering Committee. This award does not have to occur annually and will be reserved for projects that exemplify multi-disciplinary approaches that push the envelope and set higher standards for the rebuilding efforts on the Gulf Coast. Nominees can be a winner of another category.


Chair: Jeremiah Dumas, Assistant Research Professor of Landscape Architecture – GeoResources Institute

Mississippi State Community Action Team: Virgil Culver, Director

Sun Herald: Stan Tiner, Vice President and Executive Editor

Architecture: Jim West, Dean – School of Architecture

Engineering: Dennis Truax, Head – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Environmental: Sharon Hodge, Outreach Coordinator, Northern Gulf Institute

Landscape Architecture: Sadik Artunc, Head – Department of Landscape Architecture

Planning: Jerry Emison, Associate Professor – Public Policy and Administration


1. Call for nominations

Print media



Call includes examples for each category.

2. Applications are gathered by the Sun Herald

3. After deadline, applications are sent to steering committee chair.

4. Chair checks applications for minimum/maximum requirements, separates into their chosen categories, and sends to their respective steering committee member.

5. Steering committee member selects two additional jury members

6. Jury selects one (1) winner and provides chair with summation notes for all applicants

7. Chair prepares submission document and submits to Sun Herald


Jury comments

Jury member bios

8. Awards are recognized

One (1) per day for five (5) days‐ if applicable, Award of Excellence will be showcased on 7th day

Sunday publication offers a wrap up and summation of projects along with Award of Excellence.

Awards are to be presented to the recipients at a celebration ceremony.

Awards design should be reflective of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and of highest design.


Calls for nominations – last Sunday of March

Application deadline – 2nd Friday of June

Jury deadline – July 31st

Awards summation document to the Sun Herald deadline – August 10

JURY MEMBERS - each category will have an independent jury

Steering committee member

Chosen in‐state practitioner, not from six (6) coastal counties

Chosen in‐state practitioner, not from six (6) coastal counties


All application packages should follow the below guidelines, burned to a CD, and mailed or delivered in person to the Sun Herald by the application deadline.

Application packages should consist of – one (1) project application, one (1) project narrative, and one (1) project description.

The award application page may or may not be electronic, but the project narrative and description must be electronic and burned to a CD in the following format:

One (1) page award application – .pdf or hard copy

One (1) page maximum project narrative/summary – .pdf.

Twenty (20) page maximum project description (project photos, plans, charts, text, graphs, etc.) – .pdf

Files on the CD must follow the below naming conventions:

Project application ‐ category_projectname_application.pdf

Project narrative ‐ category_projectname_narrative.pdf

Project description ‐ category_projectname_description.pdf

For example: landscape architecture_johnsmithresidence_application.pdf, landscapearchitecture_johnsmithresidence_narrative.pdf, landscape architecture_johnsmithresidence_description.pdf

Projects can be submitted for multiple categories with a separate application package for each submission.