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Wipe your paws at the door

Traveling with pets, particularly dogs, is all the rage. In Europe, people have always taken their dogs with them to restaurants, shopping, or to the park, and now that’s pretty common here.

From two-star to four-star, many hotels, resorts and inns are pet-friendly. If you’re going to travel with your pets, and some 20 million Americans do, you need to plan ahead, do your homework and practice consideration for others.

Here are six quick tips:

  • Make sure your pet is healthy and has all its shots. A pet with temporary or permanent health issues won’t travel well.
  • Make no changes in diet during the trip. It’s not a bad idea to query your vet about take-along anti-diarrhea or motion sickness meds before you leave.
  • Bring a traveling crate or kennel. Never leave your pet alone unless it’s in her kennel.
  • When you arrive, take the dog for a brisk, no-nonsense walk to the place where you want him to eliminate. Know the rules of the house.
  • Be sure you know where the nearest emergency vet is.
  • Call ahead to check on pet-friendly rules. Hotel policies change without notice.
    • Here are some lodgings on the Coast that leave the light on for dachshunds, poodles and tabbies as of this printing.

      Best Western Seaway ($10 per night per pet)

      (228) 864-0050

      9475 U.S. 49 at route 10, Gulfport

      Edgewater Inn ( $50 non-refundable)

      (228) 388-1100

      1936 Beach Blvd., Biloxi

      Hard Rock Biloxi ($75 non-refundable, must be under 25 pounds)

      (777 Beach Blvd., Biloxi

      228) 374-7625

      Quality Inn ($15/day, 25 pounds and under)

      9435 U.S. 49, Gulfport

      (228) 864-7222

      Quality Inn ($15/day, 25 pounds and under)

      6800 Hwy 63, Moss Point

      (228) 475-2477

      Residence Inn Marriott Airport

      ($100 non-refundable, must be kenneled)

      14100 Airport Road, Gulfport

      (228) 867-1722

      LaQuinta (no fees)

      957 Cedar Lake Road, Biloxi

      (228) 392-5978

      LaQuinta (no fees)

      6292 Mississippi 63, Moss Point

      (228) 474-4488

      Days Inn ($10.70 per night per pet. Limited rooms for pets.)

      7305 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs

      (228) 872-8255