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Condominiums Help Visitors Live the High Life

Hundreds of visitors motor, bus or fly to the Mississippi Coast every day in search of the good life. After they find entertainment, scrumptious culinary delights and 26 miles of sand beach and soft breezes blowing in from the barrier islands they get this urge to stay on the Coast and live the good life.

They are already gazing up in fascination at high-rise condos with the elegant facades dotting Beach Boulevard. So their next thought is how to get in touch with their future.

In this section, you will find a list of condominiums, their addresses and telephone numbers.

What condo living has to offer is convenience - a family of 21st century dwellers may desire a ground floor garden unit or on the 15th floor overlook. Whichever they choose, the qualities they want the most are now within their grasp - a stone's throw from casinos, shopping malls, ball parks, churches and that most powerful lure of strolling on the beach at sunset.

At Sienna in Gulfport, where Beach Boulevard intersects Cowan-Lorraine Parkway, the 12-story glass and concrete spire contains 82 units, ranging from 1,250 to 1,850 square feet. Half of the units were snapped up before Sienna was ever opened.

And the rush is on to answer the call of the new influx seeking high or low-rise habitation all along the Mississippi Coast. Biloxi has seen its skyline transformed and still more are building. The names are now household words like Beau View Towers, Irish Oaks, Ocean Club and Sand Dollar - these four accounting for 800 units. Meanwhile, another 12,000 units have been proposed for Biloxi by some 30 developers. It has been estimated that this may well become a $5 billion boom for Biloxi alone.