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Coroner names Hancock County woman found stabbed to death in her home

A woman who lived alone was found dead in her home off Indian Ridge Road, where she was stabbed multiple times.

The woman, in her mid-60s, never locked her doors, according to relatives, so her killer was able to simply walk in, said Glenn Grannan, chief investigator of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department. It’s possible she knew her attacker, he said.

The woman was found dead Thursday night. It’s unclear how long she had been dead.

Kathleen Williams was 66, Coroner Jim Faulk said Friday.

“She died a violent death,” Faulk said. “We really need to prosecute whoever did that to her.”

Williams lived in a neighborhood just south of Mississippi 43 in north Hancock County.

A relative had been unable to reach her and said it wasn’t like her to not answer her phone, Grannan said.

The relative called a friend who lives nearby and asked him to check on her. The friend found her dead and called 911 about 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

“It looks like she put up a struggle,” Grannan said.

Investigators have interviewed several people who know her but have no clues yet as to who killed her or why.

“We’ve got nothing right now,” Grannan said. “Nothing at this point.”

Her body was sent to the Mississippi Forensics Laboratory in Pearl for an autopsy, Faulk said.

Deputies and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation’s crime scene unit worked through the night trying to collect evidence, statements and document the crime scene.

Anyone who has information that could help is asked to call Central Dispatch at 228-255-9191 or give an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898. will update this report as details develop.

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